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Terms & Conditions

This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which Pacific Auto Auction collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from users (each, a "User") of the www.pacificaa.com website ("Site"). This privacy policy applies to the Site and all products and services offered by Pacific Auto Auction. 

  1. Viewing:
    1. Online:Once applications are approved usernames will be assigned. The website will be the primary tool of the auction. Viewing shall be available w/assigned code by 7:00 pm one day prior to sale. Available information including Donor assessment and rankings will be posted.
    2. In Person:Dealers may report to Pacific Auto Auction (hereby known as "The Auction") lot no earlier than 9:00 am on auction day. Viewing finishes promptly at 1:00 pm. All dealers and their agents MUST check in together at the office
      • Registered persons and companies are solely responsible for the actions of their agents while on the Pacific Auto Auction Property. It is the registered persons or company's responsibility to insure that any and all of their agents have a signed liability waiver on file with Pacific Auto Auction.
      • If a dealer or a dealer's agent is caught on the Pacifc Auto Auction property outside of these hours or unsupervised by an agent of the Auction they will be subject to removal from the Auction.

    You will speak with respect and professionalism to those around you. This means no slurs or epitaphs. Bigoted prose of any manner will not be tolerated and punitive measures will be taken.

    Weapons of any kind are not permitted on the Auction. Pursuant to Hawaii statute

    ยง134-51 Deadly weapons; prohibitions; penalty. (a) Any person, not authorized by law, who carries concealed upon the person's self or within any vehicle used or occupied by the person or who is found armed with any dirk, dagger, blackjack, slug shot, billy, metal knuckles, pistol, or other deadly or dangerous weapon shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and may be immediately arrested without warrant by any sheriff, police officer, or other officer or person.

  2. Bidding:
    1. Bid Sheets will be sent via-e-mail one day prior to the sale. The bid sheet is for note taking on the property. IF the bid sheet does not match information on the website, refer to the website for the correct information. The bid sheet is a courtesy to aid in note taking, it is not an official tool of the auction and may be discontinued at any time.
      • Title fees attached to the vehicle information are a courtesy and are pulled from the DMV website. There is NO guarantee to their accuracy expressed or implied by this auction, its affiliates clients or employees. Those fees are ultimately the dealers' responsibility so please check them for yourself before bidding as no retractions will be made based on inaccuracy of the DMV fees.
      • No retractions will be made due to the inaccuracy of the donor supplied information, or DMV supplied on the website or on the bid sheet. You are encouraged to thoroughly inspect each and every vehicle you place a bid on.
    2. Bidding begins on Tuesday mornings at 9:00 am and ends promptly at 2:00 pm that same day.
    3. Dealers Must put bids in online.
    4. This is considered a SILENT SALE and all Bids are confidential. Any dealer caught comparing bids or price fixing will be banned from participating indefinitely.
    5. In the case of a tie the dealer who input their bid first shall receive precedent.
    6. The minimum bid to receive title on a vehicle is $200. The minimum bid for parts cars is $75.00. All parts cars will have the plates turned in to The Auction before the car is towed from the lot.
    7. Pacific Auto Auction accepts CHECKS ONLY from authorized registrants.
    8. Only the authorized bidder will be allowed to place bids. There will be no bid placing on behalf of the authorized bidder. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. Vehicle Condition:The ratings on the cars, both on the bid sheet and on the website, are from the individual donors of those vehicles. Neither Pacific Auto Auction nor the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii make any representation expressed or implied by these subjective ratings. By bidding in this auction it is acknowledged that the dealer holds harmless National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii and Pacific Auto Auction for ANY and ALL representation of the vehicles made by the donors or the Hawaii DMV. This includes but is not limited to Odometer readings and functionality, as well as disposition of title. If for ANY reason the resulting sale is recalled and unwound by The Auction or its clients or customers there will be no refunds issued for the cost incurred after the purchase of the vehicle. This includes but is not limited to tow fees, repairs and registration fees. Please be sure everything is in order BEFORE repairing a vehicle.
  4. Result Notification: You may login to the website to view winnings by 3pm on sale day. The Auction Invoices are e-mailed or faxed by request only, by midnight on the sale day. Invoices are available for download from the website immediately following the sale.
  5. Vehicle Pick-up: The Auction will release vehicles between the hours of 9:00am and 3pm on the Wednesday following the sale. Thursday pickups will be by appointment only and are limited to the time I have available so please make your pickups on a Wednesday. Dealers are required to pick up vehicles, sign off on titles and make payment by the Thursday following the sale at 3:00pm.Any vehicles not picked up by Thursday will be subject to a $20 a day storage charge per vehicle payable to Kolohe Motors prior to release and may not be picked up until the following Tuesday.

    Tow drivers will provide a CURRENT copy of their insurance to The Auction to be allowed on the property for vehicle removal. If Insurance is NOT on file they will not be allowed on the property.

    Once the vehicle has left the The Auction , neither The Auctions agents nor employees will be held liable for any damages incurred while being loaded, driven, or transported. Nor shall The Auction be liable for damages incurred by other parties to the vehicles once it is released.

  6. Title Control:ALL Motor Vehicle Dealers, Scrap Dealers, and Parts Dealers will sign the assignment section of the title when purchasing ANY vehicle.
    • Vehicles sold for less than $200 are considered PARTS ONLY and are not eligible for title. Note: Parts vehicles purchased by authorized entities MUST have their titles signed and returned with signature to Pacific Auto Auction within 7 days of the sale date. If the title is not returned within 7 days it will be considered a FOR TITLE vehicle. Thus it will automatically be upgraded and the dealer will be assessed a $50 upgrade and the difference in cost to get to the "for title" ($200) price, and will have to flip title into their name incurring all back taxes and other fees assessed by the DMV to do so. From that point the dealer will have 23 days to comply and have the title flipped into their name before incurring a $100.00 penalty fee and suspension until the infraction is corrected.
    • Parts only vehicles purchased by authorized dealers can be upgraded by paying the difference to get to the current FOR TITLE price plus a $25 processing fee, the $30 purchase fee and all DMV fees. When title is requested it will be flipped out of the donors name and into the dealer's name by the aforementioned dealer in the manner described by section 6 herein. The dealer will be assessed all registration and assignment fees charged by the DMV.
    • Vehicles sold for more than $200 are considered FOR TITLE. Dealers will need to receive title and flip the title into dealers name and present a copy of that title to The Auction by 4:00 pm 30 days following purchase date via email, fax or in person. If titles are not presented the dealer will be fined $100.00.
      • If dealer requests that The Auction hold title on a vehicle sold for more than $200 a $25 processing fee will be charged if title is requested. The plates will be removed on these vehicles prior to leaving the lot.
      • If a Vehicle has an expired Safety Check and a title is requested at a later date it will be the Dealers responsibility to provide a current or temporary safety check so that the title flip can be completed. All fees DMV and safety check fees will be the responsibility of the Dealer.
    • If an issue arises regarding titling of a vehicle, registrants are expected to immediately notify The Auction within 10 days and will give The Auction 30 business days to resolve the issue from date of notice before further action is taken on the vehicle. If there is an issue titling a vehicle and it is NOT brought forth within the 10 day window there will be no assistance given.
    • If there is a judgment levied against a vehicle after you have taken possession of it, you will be responsible for paying the fine within 14 days of notification. You will also be subject to a $200.00 fine for the first offense. A $400.00 fine on the second offense, a $600.00 fine on the third offense, and so on. If judgments become a regular problem you will be suspended indefinitely.
  7. Payment:Payment must be made prior to picking up the vehicle. If payment is not to be made before vehicle pickup you must speak with The Auction administrator and make other arrangements. If payment is beyond two weeks late you will not be allowed to bid in any further auctions until payment is made. There is a Net 15 policy of 1.5% on all invoices. Dealers will not be allowed to participate in another sale until payment is received in full.
      • Other arrangements may be made in extreme circumstances
    • NOTE: Checks that are returned for insufficient funds will be charged an additional $35 service fee.

  8. Auction Fee: There will be a $40 purchase fee for each car purchased for title. There will be an additional $20 dollar gate fee assessed to every vehicle. All checks will be made payable to Pacific Auto Auction.
  9. Any dealer caught sabotaging any motor vehicle, or caught on The Auction grounds when auction is not in process, will be fined and then barred from future sales at the discretion of Pacific Auto Auction. This includes your agents. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR AGENTS ACTIONS.
  10. Anyone who is on the Pacific Auto Auction lot will be subject to video surveillance for security purposes. By signing this document you agree to be recorded and hold harmless Pacific Auto Auction and its agents for repercussions thereof.

This is agreed between Registrants and The Auction that all conditions will be met and any failure to meet these conditions will be cause for punitive measures by The Auction. These terms and conditions are subject to change at the sole discretion of Pacific Auto Auction without notice.