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How to scrap a car

How to scrap a car

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There are 3 main ways to scrap a car.

The first way, if the car is complete is to Donate the vehicle to charity. Typically the Charity will haul the car away for free and sell it at an auction. I recommend the National Kidney Foundation Of Hawaii for vehicles located in Hawaii. Here is the address for Kidney cars.  http://www.kidneyhi.org/kidney-cars The Pros to this is that the car will be gone with no hassle whatsoever and you will get a tax write-off for whatever the car sells for at auction. You will also be helping to fund causes that pickup where the governments social programs leave off. In short, this is a win win and you will helping a lot of people.

The second way is to bring the car to a tow yard, or a scrap yard and sign over the title to them. This was the car can be filled with fluids, running or not generally and may or may not be complete. The pro here is low hassle, the con is that you literally have no idea what they are going to do with the car and every so often it comes back to bite people that don't do their paperwork properly. If you choose this Method MAKE SURE YOU FILE THE NOTICE OF TRANSFER. There is a fine if you don't fill this out that I never heard of anyone being billed. However, the worse scenario is that someone buys the car from the tow yard and then doesn't get the title flipped into their name. Lets say they get into an accident and take off, without that notice of transfer the cops are going to be knocking on your door. Honestly, given how poor the various government agencies communication is, they will probably knock on your door anyway. But, if you have the notice transfer filled out and turned in on time, you should be all set aside from some minor hassle.

The last way is to bring the car to the scrapper yourself. This means bringing the car directly to the shredder and skipping the middle men who typically drain all the fluids and deal with EPA inspections and get rid of the tires and such. This is by far the most time consuming but the pros are you know the car will be off the road and shredded, and depending on scrap prices, you will get maximum dollar. Before a shredder will take the car it must be (usually and depending on the shredder) completely stripped. This means no interior and absolutely positively no fluids. all the gas, oil, differential fluids and coolant must be drained and disposed of accordingly.  Typically this comes with a cost of disposal, especially the tires. Also, there are a lot of regulations around hazmat, which is what your car is filled with. As a side note, typically you will get less per pound for "mixed metal" which is what your car is, than a dedicated scrapper as their rates are based on volume. You can check the current value of the various kinds of scrap metal at Kitco. Link here: http://www.kitco.com/

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