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How to Pick a Winner, part 2:

How to Pick a Winner, part 2:

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In order to avoid wasting an entire Tuesday wandering, baffled, through the auction lot, it is best to have a plan prior to attending. The best way to do this is to check the auction website a day early. The cars that will be auctioned on any Tuesday will almost always be up on the website the preceding Monday. The enterprising individual can go through the cars without leaving the comfort of his home, office, or Chili’s. A list of interesting cars can be made and, still from one’s desk, sofa, or barstool, cars on this list can be checked for salvage title status, registration status, safety check expiry, mileage (from an odometer photo courteously provided by the auction), blue book value, service and accident history, and probably a bunch of other stuff. Once this list has been made and the cars on the list appropriately vetted, the list can be brought to the auction and used to guide the one who wields it, saving him time, tears, and the embarrassment of being caught scoping out a rusty Nissan with a bad head gasket, three years back tags, and a salvage title.

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